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2470 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 301
Berkeley, CA 94704

Our vision at Synthicity is to create a completely new way to engage communities in decisions about urban development: planners, designers, architects, engineers, community residents, businesses, non-profit organizations, developers and investors. Building on our pioneering technology to simulate urban development and visualize alternative scenarios in 3D, we are now creating a revolutionary platform that provides new ways to propose projects, visualize them in 3D, evaluate their financial feasibility, and share them with the community. In short, we’re building the tools to make cities more vibrant, productive, and inclusive.




Fast, 3D spatial data visualization


GeoCanvas helps you turn data into great visualizations. Color large volumes of geographic data and create 3D visualizations in just a few steps. Understand context with built-in base maps. Capture images in one click. Visualize attributes of anything that can be shown as shapes on a map in 2D and 3D.



Download a free public beta

Be one of the first to try GeoCanvas. If you don't have a Synthicity account yet, create one, then download GeoCanvas. After installing GeoCanvas, sign in with your Synthicity account.

The public beta subscription period will last at least three months.

For Windows 7 or 8, 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.8 and higher


GeoCanvas is...



There are just a few basic steps to using GeoCanvas.




GeoCanvas is easy to pick up for those new to data visualization, while data scientists and analysts can leverage advanced features. 

Core features:

  • Shapefile (.SHP) importer
  • Comma Separated Value (.CSV) importer
  • Built-in Base Maps

Advanced features:

  • PostgreSQL / PostGIS interface
  • NumPy (.NPZ) Python numeric data importer
  • Custom SQL JOIN queries



PC at work and Mac at home? No problem.
GeoCanvas is available for Windows and Mac.




The GeoCanvas User Manual is the official online source for detailed GeoCanvas documentation. It's a great complement to the tutorial videos.




Learn GeoCanvas essentials in about fifteen minutes by watching these video tutorials.


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Base Canvas
Basic Controls

58 seconds

2 of 10

Shape Layers

Shapes & Attributes

1 minute, 2 seconds

3 of 10

Adding Shape Layers

From Files

1 minute, 6 seconds

4 of 10

Shape Layers

From a Database

1 minute, 32 seconds

5 of 10

Coloring with Data

Color Schemes
and Intervals

1 minute, 49 seconds

6 of 10

Visualizing in 3D


1 minute, 8 seconds

7 of 10

Example - 3D Buildings

Coloring and Extruding with Different Attributes

1 minute, 39 seconds

8 of 10

Adding Attributes

Joining New Datasets

2 minutes, 41 seconds

9 of 10

Table Panel

Filtering with Attributes

2 minutes, 1 second

10 of 10

SQL Join Queries

Custom Attributes

2 minutes, 4 seconds



San Francisco Example

Explore the city of San Francisco and visualize the proximity of its parcels to different amenities (yoga, sushi, farmer's markets, etc.).

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 10.41.36 AM.png

US Census Data Example

Visualize remotely-hosted census data for all of the United States.


Country level data from DIVA-GIS

Shapefiles of administrative areas from any country in the world.

Chicago Data

Almost every city has or will soon have an open data portal. Look for an open data portal in your city like this one for Chicago.

Buenos Aires Data

Public data and transparency initiative from the city of Buenos Aires (in Spanish)

NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center

A Data Center in NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System

Open Paris Data

Public data made available by the City of Paris (in French)

Suggest other sources!

Point other GeoCanvas users to any geographic dataset (postgis tables or shapefiles for now) that you find interesting! Send us the link and we'll post it here.